Our philosophy at Enriching Journeys includes a commitment and sensitivity to quality and creativity. With Enriching Journeys, we assure you that:

  • We deliver what we promise, with no compromises on quality.
  • Enriching Journeys is committed to women’s empowerment in this region – with female guides used in Bombay and other destinations, and we will soon be introducing women drivers.
  • We understand that the pressure from guides into shopping is a major concern for travelers and our travel partners, so we pay our guides above average salaries which means they are not dependent on shopping commissions to earn a good livelihood.
  • Enriching Journeys works with a select number of quality guides, each of them periodically engage in regular training on best practices in line with the company’s principles.
  • We will always try and get really creative with what will work for each individual guest, and no holiday is a prescribed format or script.
  • Those that seek inspiration and transformation in travel, will always find it with us.
  • At Enriching Journeys, luxury is interpreted and understood in its purest form.
  • Thinking out of the box is encouraged at Enriching Journeys so that each guest itinerary has that added extra wow factor.
  • We make all possible efforts to understand the countries better before selling a destination.  Knowledge is power and our endeavor is to equip ourselves with as much updated and detailed information to add value to each guests’ travel experience.
  • Enriching Journeys cares for its employees, and the local people, and we constantly strive to improve our operations and services through self-evaluation, innovation and creativity.