Luxury Tented Camps

Imagine vast open spaces, expansive vistas, waterfronts and valleys, and memorable wildlife experiences. Each of our hand selected luxury tented camps are either semi or fully mobile and completely bespoke, offering exquisite accommodation in the most extraordinary locations. You might find yourself in a rainforest, beside rice paddy fields or waterfalls, in the middle of the desert or cradled between jagged peaks and glacial rivers. Experience India’s strong tradition of royal Rajput-style tented camping, which dates back to a time of nomadic caravan travel, or immerse yourself in a local culture. In Sri Lanka get a glimpse of Asian elephants in the wild and safari-style excursions into pristine, untouched forests. Each of our accommodation options allow you to spend evenings under the vast expanse of a star-filled sky. Each camp delivers exceptional adventures and life changing experiences. Delicious, freshly prepared meals in an al fresco settings, luxurious linen, campfire ambiance, a glass of wine while star gazing and plush amenities along with complete privacy ensure you can experience the wild in style and take home some amazing stories. Each tented camp has also been chosen by us for its minimal impact on the surrounding environment. If an adventure that doesn’t sacrifice comfort is what you’re after speak to us about helping arrange your wild luxury experience.