Enriching Journeys is committed to responsible tourism. Since inception, we have strived to put in place practices to make tourism more sustainable and to minimize negative social, economic and environmental impacts, generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities. We have a firm stance against visiting zoos, elephant back rides or any activity that exploits animals unnecessarily. We try as best as possible from using single use plastic and provide our guests with re-usable travel accessories like linen tote bags to carry daily belongings and/or while they shop. We work with local members of every community we visit, to create the most authentic experience of a particular area for our guests, and in turn direct positive impacts on these communities, which often include very rural tribal communities. We work with reputed NGOs and allocate a portion of our sales to worthy causes like the Tibetan Refugee Resettlement Program. Through your travels with Enriching Journeys, our promise is that the lives of hoteliers, drivers, guides and experience providers whom we call friends, along with your own, will be enriched beyond measure.