Palaces, Forts & Heritage

Our personally handpicked selection of palace, fort and heritage hotels have been selected for their historic relevance, location, privacy, unique design and experiences they offer our guests. They each represent the finest in the region, and range from sophisticated manor houses to ancient fortresses, medieval palaces to colonial bungalows, each one transformed into some of the world’s most incredible luxury accommodation. Each has a charm and ambiance of bygone era, which has been recreated with the utmost care, and not without their ultra-comforts. Many of these hotels are still owned by the original royal families, or their descendants and a stay in any of these fabulous retreats make you feel like royalty. Whether they be located on the edge of the Rajasthani dessert, nestled among the verdant green tea estates of Darjeeling, surrounded by the riotous colour of the Pink Cit or perched on a hilltop overlooking the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas, each of these hotels hold an inimitable and unique style and atmosphere. From the vast exterior spaces, stunning architecture, lavish rooms and suites complete with period furniture and elegant artwork each has a fascinating history, the stories alone are worthy of a stay.